We sponsored wreath making at the Explore More Children’s Museum

Below are pictures of the daffodil bulbs given by Spotswood Garden Club and planted by the Kindergarten class at Eastern Mennonite Elementary School under the direction of Glenna and Sabrene Graves.

Below are pictures of daffodils planted by the Spotswood Garden Club at the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society.  These are the “Green Arrow” daffodils.


New Horticulture Building at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds:

Members helping to judge the Horticulture in the new Horticulture Building


Pleasant View Planting Project:

Thank you cards from Pleasant View:

Planted by  Rodamer’s Landscape

3 Sunset Redbud trees planted by Shreckhise Shrubbery:

Pleasant View before plantings:


Roundabout Planting project:

Roundabout, September 2017

Summer “Weeding Party”

Our “Digging Divas” were at it again.  October, 2016

oct16 oct16_2 oct16_leader

Members of the Spotswood Garden Club worked to prepare the soil and begin planting:


At the end of the day, some shubs had been planted:

After first day

A group of workers planting again on a rainy day:


Work has been started on the Roundabout at the intersection of Carlton Street and Reservoir Street in Harrisonburg.  This is what it looked like before we began:

Before we started


Quilt Museum Planting Project: