Other Pictures

Donna and Joy at the Annual Meeting:

Mary Stickley-Godinez presented a program on Pruning Trees for the January meeting:

Moribana demonstration:

December Meeting:

Table decorations and wreath making:

Glenna Graves awarded both the Horticulture Trophy and the Exhibits Trophy for 2017-2018 at the September meeting:

Glenna Graves won the Massey Medal:

May meeting, 2018 – Trip to the gardens at Mount Sharon in Orange, VA



March 2018 meeting:  Matilda Bradshaw, “Mastering Creative Design”

November 2017 meeting:

Horticulture exhibits:

Speaker Janice Whitehead demonstrating a flower arrangement

What a difference background color makes….

October 2017 meeting:

Horticulture specimens; President Judy Sullivan; Speaker Ann Lintner, Principal of Bluestone Elementary.

President Judy Sullivan leading       Some of the trophies won at

the September meeting.                      the Lily Show in June.

Lots of Horticulture examples in September 2017


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Mom 058Mom 079

Glenna Graves and Lil Brabson 98Judy Sullivan new Pres

Glenna Graves with Lil Brabson, age 98                New President Judy Sullivan

New officersNew officers, Sherry Leffel, Judy Sullivan

Sandy Hodge, Suzanne Obenshain, Monica Frackelton