Glenna Graves Grant

Spotswood Garden Club



In honor of Glenna Graves, Spotswood Garden Club has created the Glenna Graves Grant to inspire organizations, schools, and communities to promote the conservation of our natural resources, inspire a love of gardening, participate in the restoration of historic gardens and landscapes and provide education on the beauty and preservation of the land.

The grant will provide up to $1,000 for a project that would meet the goals described above.  Examples might include a butterfly or hummingbird garden, conservation efforts, exploring/enhancing natural habitats, composting, vegetable garden, or educational efforts to understand and preserve our environment.

Interested individuals or groups must complete the application and submit it by December 1st Feel free to attach pictures or other information to support your application.  The selection committee will notify the recipient by January 15th so appropriate planning can occur.  For more information or to answer questions, please contact Spotswood Garden Club at



Name of group or individual:



Mailing Address:

Description of Project:

Amount of funds being requested (up to a thousand dollars):

How funds will be used—itemize expenses:

Who will benefit from the project?

When does the project start and finish?

Submit completed form by DECEMBER 1ST