Below are a list of resources that pertain to flower arranging and gardening:

Helpful battery powered tools:

Note:  batteries and chargers are often more expensive than the tool, therefore choose one brand of product for all tools, enabling the use of one kind of battery/charger for all.  Most of the tools are sold separately from the batteries.  Would suggest 20 volt rather than 18 volt.

Products Demonstrated at the April 2019 meeting:  Mini Blower: DeWalt DCE 100B; 3 speed blower: DeWalt DCBL 720B; Reciprocating Saw:  DeWalt DCS380B  (Note for limb trimming purposes, you will need to buy a limb/wood cutting blade.  DeWalt does not sell this but any brand will fit this saw.)

Hyper Tough Open Top Tote:

Walmart $19.97  Free two day shipping  Also available at Burgess Street store.

Small Green Tarp with Handles: (Bosmere)

Amazon $16.68   for 7′ x 7′ ALSO: Mintgraft Extra Heavy Duty (w/ drawstring)  5′ x 5′  $21.95

Floral Tubes with Long “Legs”: (Komplekt-plastic)

Amazon   $11.59 for 20 pc  (15 inches long)

Bent Tip Bottle: Clear Plastic Bent Tip Squeeze Bottle (250 ml)

Walmart (online):  $6.89           Amazon: 2 for $9.99

PictureThis (Flower/Plant Indentifier Phone App)
   App Store
Budable Flower Arranger by Bloomeze  
   Source: Etsy $6.99 per piece, Amazon  3 pk  $13.99
Eco Smart:  Organic Environmentally Safe Garden Products     Company with a number of products in liquid and granular formulas
(Insect killer, Hornet/Wasp Killer,   Ant/Roach Killer, Mosquito & Tick Killer, etc) Source:  Amazon, Walmart, etc.
Round Oasis Form:
Source:  sav-on-crafts  15″  ($14.00)   21″ ($21.00)
             Amazon         15″  ($19.99)
Bare Ground Solutions Anti Snow/De-Icer is available from Amazon for $13.92/gallon.  You can put it in your sprayer, full strength.  Here’s what the label says:
-Helps reduce snow accumulation
-Non toxic to pets and livestock
-Harmless to lawns, trees and shrubs
-10-14 day residual anti-bonding effect
-Non corrosive to concrete and metals, safe for rubber, roof shingles, new cement, slate, wood or brick
-Melts more ice and snow faster than salts
-Water soluble will not stain carpets and tile
-Creates non-stick surface against ice adhesion
Effective to -20 degrees
1 gallon covers approx. 1000 ft, equals 50 lbs of rock salt.
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